Packaging & Shipping ... with the utmost care ...


We have been packaging and shipping worldwide for several years ... and because it concerns your precious and fragile items, we do this with the utmost care and we gladly share this packaging process with you.

Whether it is bronze statues, art collectibles or glass shells with butterflies, we take the packaging process very seriously, because we are only satisfied when your order has arrived in perfect condition.

We always use:

* Double-corrugated cardboard boxes

A double golf box consists of cardboard with two protective corrugated layers. These boxes offer perfect protection and withstand vertical pressure during transport.

* Flo-pak Bio filling chips

Flo-pak Bio filling material is a very environmentally friendly recyclable filling chip made from corn flour.

* Enough warning labels and masking tape.


* According to the: box in box principle (especially with glass domes):



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